By Aaron Groff

With roughly $7,000 leftover from their 50-year reunion celebration, the Beach High class of 1958 agreed to use the extra funds for brand-new trophy cases to display the school’s athletic acheivements.

Miami Beach Senior High has a long history of success in all fields of competition. However, the trophies have gone unnoticed for the past four years, since the old autidorium was demolished in 2005. “They have been hidden away in safe keeping,” said Edgar Botto, Athletic Director.

Stanley Schwartz, class of 1958, recently met with Principal Rosann Sidener to discuss possible uses for the extra money. Together, Sidener and Schwartz deemed new trophy cases a necessity.

Next to the two six-foot by 50-inch trophy cases purchased by Botto, two plaques will read “Honoring Miami Beach Senior High Acheivement through the Years. Donated by the Beach High class of 1958.”

The formal dedication of the new gym, along with the presentation of the cases and plaques by members of the class of ’58, is on hold pending the arrival of school banners displaying the Beach High alma mater.


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